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The Client

The Client

Forest Traffic provides traffic management consultancy services and is based in Newport, South Wales and it has seven offices strategically located around Wales, the South West, Midlands and South East.

Having suffered a security breach in 2016, the leadership team were acutely aware of the increasing risk of cyber threats and ransomware operators. The team began to look for an efficient way to optimise I.T. security whilst finding a solution that would require minimal in-house management.

The Background

The Background

In 2016, Forest Traffic was targeted by a ransomware attack, whilst they were fortunate to be able to minimise the impact the attack had on their information and operations, they became aware of the importance of cybersecurity protection, and the need to have the right solutions in ransomware protection.  Forest Traffic implemented several Sophos products but in 2020, they took the decision to step up security even further.

They identified that they needed a solution that would be hands-off and not create an incremental workload for their small team, whilst providing the information, analytics and assurances they needed.

Furthermore, as a provider of services under government contracts, Forest Traffic needed to meet certain information and cybersecurity requirements to acquire and fulfil those contracts, in addition to providing assurances to its Board on security matters.

Forest Traffic has outsourced its I.T. to us here at CSG for several years, and they approached us about upgrading their security services.  We suggested a number of efficient solutions, including Sophos MTR and together with Vicky Fraser, we contacted Sophos to assess the suitability of the MTR solution.

The Service

The Service

After reviewing their options, Forest Traffic opted to implement several Sophos solutions across its seven sites, including Sophos MTR. Vicky wanted peace of mind that the correct and stringent security measures were in place whilst minimising the time needed to oversee these measures, enabling her to focus on strategic priorities.

Sophos MTR Advance provides Forest Traffic with a dedicated team of experts and threat hunters that deliver 24/7 monitoring and proactive searching to determine the scope and severity of threats. It also helps Forest Traffic to understand the context of threats, whilst the Sophos support team initiates actions to disrupt, contain and neutralise any attacks. The daily reports, generated by Sophos, have equipped Vicky with clear and coherent intelligence to assure the Board that the company’s cyber requirements are being met and managed.

The Result

The Result

Vicky explains the benefits of Sophos MTR: 

“It’s an effective and simple solution at a competitive price. The transition was seamless and Sophos and CSG handled it incredibly well together. I get really useful insights on cybersecurity which are very simple to interpret and digest. And if I do want to delve a bit deeper into the analytics, as I need to at certain times, the information I need is available to me.” 

Further benefits highlighted by Vicky were:

  • Outstanding customer care 
  • A cost-effective and complementary addition to a largely outsourced IT service
  • A dedicated support team that provides technical expertise and immediately addresses any incidents and alerts
  • A single platform that enables security oversight across seven sites
  • A committed account manager and proactive interaction between Sophos and Sophos partner CSG
  • The ability to easily report on cyber activity and incidents Ì 24/7 monitoring and peace of mind that security is being handled by those with expert knowledge

The Testimonial

What Forest Traffic Services Said …

‘With the Sophos solutions we have in place, we don’t need to spend time firefighting or worrying about breaches or security threats. This enables us to spend more time working on strategic priorities, safe in the knowledge that our security is being monitored 24/7 and managed by a reliable team of experts.’ – Vicky Fraser, ICT Manager at Forest Traffic